I help the mud settle
so you have a clearer view

The more self-aware we become, the more profoundly we express our passion and the more positive the affect of our actions.

I encourage self-awareness that produces conscious change.

I do that by offering introspective insights that can change your life.

I help you catch the Winds of Change

Change surrounds us.  We simply need to raise our sails and choose our compass point. I share ideas and observations that change your life.  I help you see more clearly, think differently about your passion, your choices, and your destiny. I encourage and inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

All change is positive.  There is an unspoken language of the universe that supports, guides and guards you. With practice you can understand it. You use your inner wisdom make conscious changes within your own awareness that enhance your life.

My work is about change, how it works, what you can do about it, how you can embrace it, what you can do to create positive change.  My work guides you to deeper self-awareness.  From that place of intuitive wisdom, you make choices that have a positive influence your life experience.

I help you make self-aware decisions
that lead to positive change.

Self-awareness and self-acceptance are the cornerstone of positive change. The inner work you do, the time spent in contemplation, journaling, learning to apply the concepts that appeal strengthen the foundation of your life.  The Winds of Change surround you but you are in command, you set your sails, you chose your course.

Positive change will greatly  increase your impact. I want to help you consciously embrace change, figure out where you are in a change cycle and discover the steps to take to help you move in the direction you want to go. My exploration and insights about the cycles of change help you make self-aware and informed choices that help you stay true to your talents and follow you passion. Those choices increase your impact.

I help you sing a deeper song

I am an explorer, a guide and a teacher. I share my journey in hope that it enlightens yours. My voice goes deep, searching in the heart of things, it makes you think, it offers understanding and clarity. We don’t know what our deeper song is until we sing it.  We don’t know how to sing our deeper song until we do it.

My work resonates with spiritually inquisitive people who seek to live more deeply, who are already in service to others and recognize that my exploration and insights on positive change will help them more profoundly affect the lives they touch. You are self aware, introspective, curious, and willing to change.  You are awesome!

I have an affinity for exploring unusual paths

I’ve been a seeker and philosopher for most of my life and I’m probably ahead of you a few years.  I like the idea of my personal harvest ripening with age.  I am reaping that harvest, insightfully and  thoughtfully.  I was gifted with the ability to make the complex simple. I’m old, but I’m still one enthusiastic, productive, inquisitive, explorer.

I Help You Consciously Embrace Change

Seeker, Philosoph
er, Author


Catch the Winds of Change
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Cara Lumen is a seeker, philosopher and author who helps you sing a deeper song. - Catch the Winds of Change